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We make organisations, products and services more accessible and more appealing to more people

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We transform people experiences based on those perspectives that most impact customer and employee satisfaction: age, disability, race, ethnicity, religion & belief, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy & maternity, and marriage & civil partnership

We'll help you meet your legal responsibilities when serving and employing people, and use those efforts to promote the services, products and values that make you stand out from the crowd

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Our Services

We offer a range of solutions to include more people in what you do

Use the drop-down menus below to learn about our specialist areas

Inclusion strategy

Whatever your shape, size or purpose, we can blend inclusion and equality actions, language and measures into any and every aspect of your leadership, employee and customer experience.


  • Work with Leadership and Executive teams to position the importance of inclusion in your organisation
  • Give advice on building inclusion into your organisational design and values
  • Help identify and agree inclusion priorities
  • Review, recommend and implement inclusive improvements to any and every aspect of the employee and/or customer lifecycle
  • Advise on introducing processes to manage the collection and analysis of diversity data
  • Advise on strategies to encourage disclosure of protected characteristic personal data
  • Design specific strategies to engage with employees and customers with any of the protected characteristics defined in the Equality Act 2010
  • Design and support ambassador, allies, sponsorship, mentoring and role-modelling programmes
  • Provide executive coaching, training and development and reverse mentoring
  • Create and reinvigorate resourcing and recruitment processes and practices to attract and include more people from under-represented communities

Inclusion training

Equality, diversity and inclusion training is a great way to build more inclusive, effective, educated, and engaged teams who are prepared to deliver great customer service to everyone.

How it works

  • Most courses can be delivered in-person or on-line
  • Each of our modules last 20-45 minutes. You pick the modules that work best for you
  • We offer training solutions for full and half day workshops, residential courses, lunchtime learning meetings, evening networking events and more
  • We also provide licensing and train the trainer options
  • All modules can be tailored for specific audiences, e.g. Executives, Line-managers, Customer-facing employees, Human-Resources professionals, Marketing and Communication professionals etc.

Modules include:

  • Understanding equality employment legislation
  • Understanding equality consumer legislation
  • The case for equality, diversity and inclusion in modern business
  • The language of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion in: Employee attraction/recruitment/organisational design/reward & recognition/leadership/capability/engagement & retention
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion in: Customer awareness/engagement/evaluation/purchasing/post-purchase/advocacy
  • Working in partnership with employee-led networks
  • Creating and supporting effective Mentoring, Role-Modelling, Sponsorship and Allies programmes
  • Creating a gender pay-gap action-plan
  • Creating a gender pay-gap narrative

Contact us today to discuss your training needs

Inclusive communications and marketing

Creating competitive advantage through inclusion and equality requires great communication.

If your organisation is making progress in its inclusion journey, you already have the ingredients to create really engaging internal communications, social media and marketing content.

We can work with you to create and plan content that promotes accessibility, evidences your inclusion efforts, engages your customers and employees and helps you stand out from your competitors.

We can create regular and/or one-off communications to help tell your story, promote accessibility or what you do.

Products include:

    • Engaging articles written by subject matter experts
    • Interviews with you, your customers and employees - talking about inclusion in your organisation
    • Blogs - sharing and updating your followers with your progress
    • Accessible, succinct and engaging webpages, optimised for search engines (SEO) and readers
    • Advertising that promotes equal and fair representation and accessible design and service
    • Accessible e-commmerce content, products reviews and descriptions
    • Press-releases with impact, that stand-out because of your inclusive values
    • Human Resources (HR) documents
      • Inclusion policy development
      • HR and Inclusion policy simplification
      • HR employee and line manager guides

Supporting employee networks and resource groups

Employee-led networks are great for employees with common characteristics to work together to improve opportunities and representation in the workplace.

The most effective employee-led networks are led by employees, for employees. But that doesn't mean that every aspect of them should be organic. Employee networks need structure, support and access to specific people and services in your organisation to enable them to focus on what they do best. Reducing duplication of effort, costs and risks along the way.

We can help you to better support and work with your existing networks, or to create new ones.

We provide advice in relation to:

  • Forming Employee-led networks and resource-groups
  • Agreeing networks aims, forming and agreeing strategies and common-goals
  • Branding, naming and visual identities
  • Communicating - websites, intranet sites, social media, marketing, internal-communications
  • Network structures, roles and responsibilities
  • Elections and election procedures
  • Creating terms of office for role-holders

Pay-gap services

Closing your gender pay-gap takes leadership commitment and accountability at every level of your organisation, supported by strategic interventions that truly level the playing field for your female employees. Without leaving your male employees behind.

Services include:

  • Pay-gap data collection and report production
  • Equal pay audits
  • Pay-gap narrative creation
  • Gender strategy design - how to address your pay-gap
    • Setting organisational and/or board level targets and objectives for senior employees
    • Female Sponsorship, Role-Modelling, Mentoring programme design and implementation
    • Candidate attraction strategies
    • Working with Executive sponsors
    • Talent identification strategy
    • Adopting gender-neutral language in business (resouring and recruiting, communicating and marketing etc.)
    • Attracting and retaining female talent at all levels of your organisation (including returner programmes)
    • Adopting flexible and agile working that works
    • Building relationships with internal and external gender and inclusion networks
    • Building your reputation as a gender-balanced employer

Accessibility services

People experience your organisation in a variety of ways. For some, the absence of specific accessibility provisions means that they can't access premises or services.

As an employer/ service provider, you have a duty under the Equality Act 2010 to make reasonable adjustments to prevent disabled people from being treated less favourably. Where a policy, provision or practice places a disabled person at a substantial disadvantage steps must be taken to avoid the disadvantage including making changes to the physical environment (such as providing access to a building) and providing auxiliary aids and services. The second part of this duty, which requires changes to the physical environment, is anticipatory, where the employer/ service provider must take steps to avoid the disadvantage caused by any physical feature.

Source: Scottish Government - Making your premises accessible guide

Maximising the number of people who can access your premises and services is good for business.

We can perform a detailed review of your premises, on-line content and services, processes and communications.

Services include:

  • Premises access reviews and reports
  • On-line content access reviews and reports
  • Communications reviews and reports

Diversity data services

Collecting, collating and analysing employee and customer diversity data helps organisations to understand their people better, and in turn to meet their needs.

We'll help you understand what questions to ask, and how to store and analyse the resulting data so that you don't fall foul of any privacy or reporting laws, or miss any important trends.

Our services include advice and support in relation to:

  • understanding why collecting and analysing employee diversity data is vital
  • how to gather, store and record employee diversity data
  • what questions you should and shouldn't ask, why and how
  • how and why you should aim to increase disclosure of protected characteristics by employees
  • how to analyse your diversity data, and how to identify trends which reduce equality of service /employment or create legal risk for your organisation
  • how to respond to customer and employee feedback and trends
  • how to deal with privacy and storage of sensitive employee data

Inclusion awards and benchmarks

Inclusion benchmarks and awards are great for understanding what impact your efforts have made, what more you can do, or to recognise those people who are making a difference in your organisation.

We recognise that equality, diversity and inclusion can be complicated enough, never-mind in organisations with operating structures and environments that don't always lend themselves to clear and simple measurement, analysis or storytelling.

Luckily we balance deep technichal employment and business knowledge with a solid grasp of the equality landscape, and a passion for great copywriting.

Our services include

  • Strategy - helping you to explore which benchmarks or awards will best meet your organisational needs
  • Individual benchmark and award
    • Strategy
    • Research
    • Drafting
    • Editorial reviews
  • Internal inclusion award design and judging

when and where is up to you

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