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Hi. I'm Gareth Buchanan, founder of Inclusive Advocacy.

I’m a former Human Resources, Communications and Diversity/Inclusion Manager.

During my career I've helped people and leaders to navigate some of the hardest parts of employment, from changes to terms and conditions of employment to role redundancies, disciplinaries, grievances, dismissals and business closures.

I've also helped introduce new ways of working and communicating that have enabled my clients to get much more from their people.

The same skills have helped me to succeed in both. Treat people well, anticipate their needs, do what you can to meet them, and they will return the goodwill through repeat custom or recommendations.

I started Inclusive Advocacy to help leaders and employees to shape their products, services, processes, communications and digital and physical locations; making them more accessible and more appealing to more people.

By doing that I'm confident that those organisations will not only meet their moral and legal responsibilities as both service provider and employer, but will also deliver consistently amazing customer and employee experiences.

And when we turn those efforts into low-cost, high-impact comunication strategies, we'll be putting the foundations in place for customer and employee advocacy to thrive.

We want to work with business and organisations of all shape, size and purpose. To find out how we can help you, check out our services or get in touch for a chat.

Kindest regards,

Gareth Buchanan

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What we do and how

We consider how people participate in organisations from the most important perspectives; those that most impact our satisfaction with employment and purchasing experiences.

They are: our age, our gender and gender identity, our race or ethnicity, religion or beliefs, our sexual orientation, whether we are planning or already have a family or caring responsibilities, whether we are married or are in a civil partnership and whether we live with disability.

Business owners and leaders are accountable for providing equality of service and employment based on these 'legally protected characteristics' which makes them an even more crucial starting point when considering people's needs and expectations.

In an increasingly digital world, where most people can share and scrutinise experiences at the touch of a button: employees and customers have become one massively influential voice.

That's why we improve individual 'experiences' by creating and rejuvenating employee and customer policies, processes, services, products, training, communications and language based on the principles of equality and inclusion.

There is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach here, we tailor solutions for each client based on individual needs and budget.

Our methods are, however, tried and tested. We keep up to date with the latest employment, consumer and equality legislation and regulations, inclusion and equality experts, consumer insights and trends, assistive and social technologies and much more.

By delivering great and consistent customer and employee experiences for everyone, we help foster the perfect conditions for word-of-mouth recommendations to increase immediately.

Next, we broaden brand reach and reputation by using your inclusion efforts to create transparent 'people' centred communications. Fostering on-line advocacy through social media channels and your website.

Inclusion is increasingly the difference for consumers and employees. Check out our services or contact us today to find out how we can help you to include more people in what you do, or how you communicate.

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